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How to make a Teapot

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Teapots truly show off the craft of the potter. Making teapots requires much technique, skill and patience -- especially if you want a teapot that works properly!

throwing the body First the body of the teapot is thrown and a "gallery" is created for the lid to sit in.
parts Then the parts are thrown and left to dry to a leather hard consistency.
The lid is trimmed for a perfect fit. trimming the lid trimming the lid
trimming The body is trimmed neatly with a clean beveled edge.
making a strainer Holes are made for a built-in strainer.
attaching the spout The base of the spout is cut at an angle and attached to the teapot body.
The tip of the spout is cut at just the right angle for perfect pouring. cutting the spout
attaching the lugs Lugs for a cane handle are pulled (never extruded!) and attached to the teapot body.
The teapot is ready for bisquing! voila!

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Updated 20 March 2010
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